Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Almost everyone agrees at some point of time that there is no point in life. In short there should be no life. But that is not important here. Whats important is that it simply exists. And however hard we try, it will not go away. If we can somehow list down all the wrong things with life in general, that will help us greatly in retaining our sanity. There are six factors which impact our lives:

1. Friends : People say friends are rare. They lie. The problems with friends are that there are too many of them. The problem of plenty.

2. Job : So finally you have landed yourself a job. Your are happy with yourself till the time you actually start on the job. Accept it. You suck at your job and your job in turn sucks you bad.
3. Family : ????
4. Sex : There is none. I know. Sex is not a reality. It is no phenomenon. Surprising isn't it, that the lack of something can affect you so much. People you want t ohave sex with always end up having sex with everyone else you wont want him/her to have sex with.
5. Love and Money (these two are interlinked with job and sex and to each other) : They also are not there. I agree they exist, but these two things are always rewarded to the wrong kind of persons.
6. Society : Name a single individual who is happy with the society. Society never helps anyone. Its useless. 'Man is a social animal', they say. Its the society that makes man an animal.

The entire creation can be summed up in two words. The golden words, that is. "Life Sucks".


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