Friday, May 28, 2004

Something Serious for a Change

I wonder why almost all serious things in this world concerns people. Take it from me, seriousness
begins and ends with humans. Take for example the instances in which the english word serious is
used. For exaple, this couple are going serious, my friend is serious in hospital, please take this
presentation seriously. Everywhere without the factor of a human put in, thesentence will be meaningless
and incoherent. Yes, we do talk about serious art or serious music, but here again the object of people
is hidden. When we refer to art as serious, we use the word serious as a quality of perception. Who
perceives? Man (or woman if u r the feminist types). Global warming is a serious problem. Because it is
dangourous to human life and property. So seriousness is plain man's domain. (or woman's, if u r the
feminist types). Not that anything else on this universe matters as much.
Nature is never serious. Why don't we ever say, that was a serious supernova explosion? Or the big
bang when it happened, happened seriously?? No. It simple does not makes sense. So if nature, or say God
(if he ever existed), was not serious in the first place why should we be so? Self predicament, I presume.
But then we must understand, that by not being serious we reach closer to God (peace be upon him).
When I started, I intented to conclude this passage diferently. But lost track midway. that was because I was
not serious about this post. Or about this blog thing. That is important.
So, if god, when he created this universe was not serious, why did he ventured into this ominous task. Why did
he ever care to make man (and woman, if u r the feminist types) when he knew full well, that this will be the sole
species with the unique distinction of driving itself to extinction through entirely man-made (or woman-made if u r
the feminist types) situations, viz., global warming, nuclear holocaust, communal violence or listening to what
those two guys caled, Nadeem-Shravan, make, and call it music. (the person sitting in the next cubicle is
listening to 'utha le jaunga, tujhe doli me..' from some stupid movie, which is downing my Here comes the sun
on earphones.) Oh.. sorry for the deviation. I was saying, that god created human as a joke. A joke he had to crack
to maybe break the ice with Goddess. Whatever came out of that joke, nobody knows. Was the goddess impressed and
allowed God to further his advances is anybody's guess. But I think, they finally got hooked with each other and
got married (and thus God was destroyed, when he was). that's why I do not see a nature's creation which is a bigger
joke than a man (or a woman, if u r the feminist types.

Okay. I guess, I should add my own thoughts in this blog sometimes. Well, the idea of God as a doer is ultra
stupid. As an arbiter, it is slightly debatable. But I love the idea of God as a facilitator. And don't want to
extend his brief any further than that. Hope he always helps me with whatever Iam upto.

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