Saturday, May 22, 2004


I was thinking. Thinking about my ability to think. Am I capable of thinking at all? What if it was god's predicament not to make me think ever. What if, what I know as thinking is never thinking in a conventional sense. It is entirely possible that Iam different from all the other human beings. And I simply cannot think anything. Well, I have not seen anybody thinking. Nobody has explained to me the exact definition of thinking. Hence I assume and proclaim that whatever I have been doing is definitely not thinking. If I were able to think, I would not have had these delusions. i Never wud have thought of throwing my cell from seventh floor. Nor I wud have thought of wasting my time writing this stupid article, instead of doing my work here. There are plenty of more examples. Now that I have conclusively proved that Iam incapable of thinking, then what is it that I have been doing thinking that iam thinking. Amuses me!!! will try to think about it..

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