Friday, June 04, 2004

i noticed ki the world can be divided into two sorts of ppl. We are all
either descendents of Genghiz Khan or Not descendants from Genghiz Khan
( Even the word GENetics is derived from his name, GENghiz Khan).. Also
all those who are not directly decended from GENghiz khan are indirectly
so. An indirect descendant is the one, who the person who he is
descended from has also produced people who are descended directly from
GENghiz khan. Not clear.. Lets take an example. For our convinience, we
assume that the world di not exist before GENghiz khan learnt to have
sex (which might be as well true). So the root node will be our GK.

GK -> G ========= X
/ \ |=================L
C C___ / / \ |\ | N N
0 0 0 00 ........

The above figure means that GK did whatever he used to do to make babies
with X and has two child nodes, represented by C's. Now X will also have
done, whatever she used to do to make babies, with other lesser mortals
(say, attilla the hun).. All those who are descended from the union of X
and L in the above figure are indirect descendant of G.

why iam saying all these stuff?? i wanted to prove a point.. but now
that i hv convinced myself that the point has been proven, i forgot what
the point was in the first place. So i just proved the point that i
proved a point. What the point was, it is open to debate.


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