Saturday, June 05, 2004


Battle of the sexes. Ever wondered why there are only two sexes. Why is it that every human can be classified as a male or a female.
When you hear the word battle we picture something different in our minds. We think of multiple forces forming alliances
to fight for something. But this battle is just between two parties.
Why did GOD not care to make more sexes? I would say four would be a nice number. lets for a minute assume that there are four
sexes. Won't that be wonderful? Of course I asume that each sex can have sex with the three other sexes. I also assume that sex will
remain as pleasurable between any of the two sexes as it is between a male and a female right now.
This will mean that each human (male or female or whatever or whatever else) can have sex with 75% of the population (theoretically)
Imagine what that would be like. Having four sexes makes even more sense genetically. There are two chromosomes. X any Y. Two of which combine
to determine the sex of an individual. That gives us a permutation of four possible variation. XX, XY, YX and YY. ( iam assuming that the
dna is not symmetrical to prove my theory). There are times when many of us hate being a male (or female for the other kind)
But they would never think of changing their sex, because the option available is even worse. Is so much of human frustration worth the
bit of laziness on the part of nature. having four sexes will be nbeneficial economically too. As, unlike now, all the four
sexes will contribute equally to the progress of nation and society. There will be no concept of fairer sex and not-so-fair
sex. (In my opinion sex is always FAIR) People will be happy as they will be getting more sex. And a happy man naturally works more.
I guess that god was fairly unimginative while making the human race. You will say he had a deadline to meet in his defence.
But listen all ye godfearing males and females, is not 4 billion 999 million 999 thousand years (after big bang) too lenient a deadline.
Did god not creat a zillion or so creatures to reach perfection in evolution in Homo sapiens. Maybe he was afraid to try something different
here too. And adopted a successful model. But which company survives by merely following a successful model and having no
innovation at all. But its no use to blame that poor man called God. He has already done his job and now enjoying his retirement in some
private villa.
Returning to the origin of this article. Is still beleive that 4 sexes would have made all the sense. Lets see if the next evolution step
approves my idea or not.


At 7:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lolz thats reall
y great idea i agree


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