Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Chalis Transform

Q. What is Chalis transform?
A. Its and operator, which operates on whatever that comes out of your
mouth. Every uttered word, phrase, and the combination of above can be
applied for a Chalis transform.

Q. Is it easy to understand?
A. Yes. Though the Chalis transform in itself is a very complex
operator, but anyone who has an IQ of above 73 can understand and pick
its working. Though the application is not an easy job and the student
has to undergo a process called "full/partial Chalisification" to
successful results.

Q. How does a Chalis transform work?
A. hmmm... tricky question. Chalis transform operates on the utterance
and produces a meaning which was hitherto unknown to all sane (and
all except me) human beings and dogs who don't suffer from rabies
all dogs except my dog).. The final result can produce claps, shouts,
laughter, kicks, swear words, frustration and a combination of one or
more of the previous reactions. This depends on the level of
Chalisification the listener has gone through.

Q. All kinds of reactions. That's amazing. Can you give me some
A. Of course. OF course.. The following is a typical conversation
between me and another person who is 99% Chalisfied.

***** Start *****
(18:29:13) Me: tere upar ek bahut fundoo sa article likh rahah u
(18:29:38) Me: likh du?
(18:29:53) Chalis: mere upar to mujhe sifr ceiling dikhai de rahi hai

(18:34:48) Me: waise tu fight mat maar.. bas wait kar main
auto-biography likhonga... fundoo style main
(18:35:00) Chalis: hahahahaha
(18:35:08) Chalis: kiski autobiography likhega?

(18:35:29) Me: that was a real intelligent question :)) :))
(18:35:47) Chalis: what is an unreal intelligent question?
(18:36:13) Me: nahi pata..
(18:36:26) Chalis: unreal tournament mein woh poochta hai naa "do u
want to 1) continue 2) exit
(18:36:40) Chalis: that is an unreal intelligent question

***** End *****

I hope the above examples make the Chalis transform pretty clear.

Q. Is Chalis transform or telling people about it safe??
A. Yes. perfectly safe. more safer than protected sex with jhinga.

Q. How can I measure my Chalisity (otherwise called Chalisification
A. Good that you knw abt Chalisity. To measure your Chalisity, you
need to bang your head against the wall and measure the thickness of
mark it creates on your head. That divided by the square root of the
damage done to the wall, is your Chalisity


At 3:21 am, Anonymous Sachin Sharma said...

Ekdum mast!!! Keep up the Chalisfication of the world!


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