Thursday, July 01, 2004


A Sendrome is a new concept in english language. Well, conceptualised by me and inspired and used by many. Two sentences are said to be sendromes of each other, if they
i. Make sense
ii. Use exactly same words

The punctuation marks are not important here. You see, every sentence is its own Sendrome. Any two sentence which differ only in the relative positioning of the punctuations marks, are also sendromes of each other. Two sentences which uses the same words, but in a different order to result in a different meaning are again sendromes of each other.
Examples :
1. Am I Game? I am Game. These two sentences are sendromes.
2. Bush is in England. England is in Bush.
We can also have sendromes of complex sentences.
3. gary will kill everybody who disagrees with kasporov. Everybody who will kill gary disagrees with kasporov.

The only condition is that it must be a grammatically correct english sentence. It is pretty obvious that sendromes are a closed set. Lets have the operator ## to represent sendrome.
Hence, A##B and B##C will automatically infer A##C where, A,B and C are proper english sentences. Also A##A is always true. I will explore this theory in further detail lateron.
Given a sentence S, how will you find all its syndromes. One naive algorithm is to get each word and consrtuct the permutation of all sentences using those words. And check if they make sense or not. But we can improe it by applying laws of sentence formation at an earlier stage. Iam working on it.
Enjoy Sendroming.
In case of doubts, comment.


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