Friday, March 18, 2005


I am pissed off right now. Iam not sure about the exact meaning of that phrase, but I have heard Nicole Kidman use it in one of her movies. And I am having this feeling that she must be feeling almost similar feelings as i feel right now. I composed this nicely written, reasonably big, totally to-the-point, article with very few grammatical mistakes and enough spelling mistakes, denouncing the United States of America and its stupid "Iam Great, You are Not" attitude towards the world. It was funny enough to compare the world to a jungle and dividing it into herbivores and carnivores. It was serious enough to portray my left-leaning liberatatian political thinking which I seldom speak of in public. It also went to the extent of mentioning president Bush, once ,as a bad animal, that poops on other animal's territories and does not hide the droppings with sand, and again as this big bad greyhound at loose, with his teeth soaked in blood and hungry for more. You might sense that, had I succeeded in posting all my thoughts here, I would have been mentioned in the credits of that bearded-man's next documentary, hunted down by CIA operaives who would have tried to blow my house after making sure that Iam not inside and killing around 20 others in this process, hired by some cartoonist to do the next dubyaman feature, and been quoted by many in our political sphere.

But Alas. All that was not to be. I was left here contended to develop software in this small cubicle surrounded by co-workers who do twice the amount of work as me in half the time.

Right when I press the "Publish Post" button, see what happens. Not only my whole article disappears but the firefox window crashes and there starts a talkbalk session with some anonymous message on some new window. Had I had even the slightest premonition of such an event, I would have used my own favourite editor (vim) to compose the article, save it on my computer, ftp it on another machine, take a printout, before even thinking of making it public. I know blogger is hosted in us, owned by a company owned by americans and based in america. Still I was not careful, my mistake. And no. I won't be more careful the next time. Instead I will keep away from commenting on any political happenings around the world. I will stay to my passion areas and expertise, namely sex and science fiction. I have no back-ups of all that is there in this blog, and Iam neither planning to take any. I don't want to loose them as well. Let americans be americans. And let me not be myself and pretend that I don't share any of the concerns that the world is facing today at large. That of the greyhound who is out of the leash, looking for more flesh.


At 8:34 am, Blogger Gauraw said...

hmm .. you learnt a good lesson.
In future, keep this thing in mind. :-P


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