Saturday, September 10, 2005

Faith and faithless

I don't want to make any political statement but this one can be excused. This is what one of my good friends, dumroo, said to me, "Once upon a time a few years ago, the hindu right, raised its ugly head, and was successful in gaining political prominence in no time. They gained power and among other things, were successful in killing a few thousands minorities, and rewrote the textbooks to turn everyone into one of them. Around that time I lost all my meagre faith in God. Then came 2004. That party lost miraculously, almost by divine intervention. That proved the existence of God to me. I am a deep beleiver now."
Interesting. Have you ever noticed that the more religious a person is, the more secular he becomes in terms of respecting other's views. Gandhi or Vivekananda or Ramakrishna or Maulana Azad or MotherTeresa, are examples of this fact. On the other hand, highly westernised and atheist people like Jinnah or Savarkar turned out to be the worst propagators of communal violence. Is it something about religion or faith that makes people more tolerant? I wonder how many of those saffron wearing sants of VHP who swear by hindutva, or the topi-wearing beard-yielding muslims of binladen type, really beleive in God/Allah.


At 10:41 pm, Blogger hash said...

Have you ever noticed that the more spiritual a person is, the more secular he becomes in terms of respecting other's views.
Relegion is much abused word.
Spiritualism has nothing to do with relegion, infact even humanity wud have
if evryone practices love thy neighbour, there wud be no wars, no hate, no violence.
Even better, if one knows that all living
beings are divine, or that YOU and evrything else that exists are ONE.
There's this saying that we and evrything else are just stardust:).

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