Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Left Politics of India :"Hamare paas 110 aadmi hai. Hilne ki koshish mat karna"

Iran has a right to possess nuclear weapons, and so says the self-proclaimed leaders of the workers and peasants in our country. Their impeccable logic is, since Israel, another self proclaimed true heir of the promised land, already has a huge arsenal of nuclear warheads and continuous support from the self proclaimed champion of justice and liberty, United States of America, it is only natural for Iran to have an ambition to enhance its defence. Interestingly, these are the same people, who took out protest marches and peace rallies, when India announced its nuclear capability to the world in May 1998. Indian government, defended its action by citing that the nuclear option is directed towards China and will act as nothing but a defence measure. They went to the extent of condemning Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, during the presidential elections of 2002, and calling him all kinds of names. Of course, according to the opponents of disinvestment and organisers of massive strikes, China is not a threat to our country. In fact, I am forced to think that they will be too happy, if India is made a part of China. Such extra-territorial loyalty never fails to amuse me.

Being inherently left leaning in thought, I should not doubt the patriotism of our left leaders. But that is the very reason why I am frustrated with these so-called left parties of India. Their priorities are misplaced, their actions are misguided and their words are hollow. The end justify the means. And the end in this case is to capture power in West Bengal and Kerala. Nobody cares about creating an egalitarian society, or one where farmers die a dozen a day or industrial labour kicked everyday. Nobody cares about the huge unemployment in rural and urban India, neither is there any thought for the huge unorganised sector in India. All they are worried for is a country called Iran, which unfortunately, did try to enrich uranium, and buy nuclear weapons from Messrs A.Q. Khan and co. with the support of a 'friendly' country called Pakistan. It is the same country, whose president, in a public speech, declared his resolve to wipe out another country in west Asia. "Wipe out" is the same word that was used by Nazis in germany or RSS in Gujrat in 2002. Does our left leaders have the courage to condemn that statement? Or they themselves beleive in the theory of "wiping out"?

For the first time after Khilafat movement, a political party has tried to divide the nation on the something happening in a remote land. But the scenario is different. Gandhijee supported Khilafat movement for the greater good of India and easily converted it into a nationwide non-cooperation movement. Khilafat was a positive step, a step in the direction of unifying the people and achieving freedom. Of course, very little was known at that time, that the Caliphate of Turkey killed several million armenians between 1905-1918. But now, everyone knows about Iran's nuclear ambitions and its record of human rights. What then is the logic of supporting Tehran in an international forum? Forget USA. Just think in terms of right and wrong, good and bad. That is what the foreign policy should be based on. And this time there are no discussion, no debates and no demands for clarification for Government's stand. Just kori dhamki, "Hame kuchh nahi sunna. Hamare paas 110 aadmi hai. Agar kisi ne hilne ki koshish ki to use tapka denge". No talk of improving rural infrastructure, and of course, no talk about controlling terrorism and naxalism. No condemnation of incidents such as Jehanabad.

68 seats is all they harp on, and claim that 2004 elections was a mandate for their policies. Little do they realise that 43 out of those 68 are from one state and the remaining 15 from another. Why did the vast heartland, and the most poor states of India, failed to elect a single left MP? How does UP and Bihar are affected if IAEA decides that Iran did try to acquire nuclear weapons illegally.

Take for example, the mother of all strikes organised on 29th september. Well the action was justified in the name of awakening of the working class. What working class are we talking about? The notoriously organised sector of the well paid and well bribed government servants? The loss of GDP is a secondary matter. That it was ethically wrong to stop people from working and earning their livelihood by the strikers, is another. Are they not guilty of trivialising strikes, and other more important issues, which is the last resort available to the workers with genuine concerns? By forcing hospitals and schools to remain closed, who are they benefitting. Who is responsible of all those lives lost and lessons not learnt. Well, not learning lesson, is something that the CPI/CPI(M)/etc. have specialised on. More crucially, it was the NDA government, that pushed through disinvestment, saffronised education, and encouraged riots. Why was there not a single strike during those years? If a show of power is this is all about, if killing people by forcing hospitals to remain closed is this is all about, then they have been very successful. The real people, who they claim to represent, have paid the price.

I remember, when I was in my class 7th, there was this kid whose dad bought him an excellent BDM cricket bat. Unfortunately he was a pathetic batsman. Naturally, in all our matches, we used its bat, and in return had to have him open our innings. He had a fight with one of the better players and declared that we won't get the bat if the other guy is a part of the team. After losing a few matches we decided that we don't need his bat and winning is more important. Our left leaders behave exactly the same. And that is exactly how they are going to end up. One of these days, Dr. Singh, will decide that the welfare of India is more important than bowing to the illogical demands of their supporters. I am forced to beleive that the 68 MPs in our Lok Sabha have extraterritorial loyalty. Who their real boos is, is still to be known. What happens to the nation is least of their concerns. Till then, they are successful in keeping India and its people, as their hostage.

p.s: HKS Surjeet lives is an illegal occupant of his bungalow in New Delhi. Just like the other 68 MPs are illegal occupants of Lok Sabha.

p.p.s: One of my friends remarked that if the left is opposed to something, then that policy must be good for our country. Probably true.


At 12:43 am, Blogger Rahul said...

Bahut khoob likhte ho chalis babu, lage raho!

At 9:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this guy anoop saha says that he is Bangladeshi....

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