Thursday, June 01, 2006

In the land of Mandalnagri - my take on OBC reservations

Tip and Top are two persons in the town Mandalnagri, who don't know each other. Tip's father is Top's father's boss's boss's boss. Tip's father is a part time contractor, and owns around 18 acres of land in the outskirts of the village Mandalnagri. Tip's father also has a very big mouth and his moment of glory came when he murdered five youths of the 'extremely poor villagers' who live near Mandalnagri because they were skinning a cow.

Top and Tip don't know that 250 years ago, Top's father's great grandfather's great grandfather, Goodman and Tip's father's great grandfather's great grandfather, Badman lived in the same village. Goodman was a fisherman, and the latter was a wrestler. Back then, Mandalnagri had only one well from where people used to get their drinking water. Extremely poor families, who were the ancestors of the current extremely poor villagers, used to live in the outskirts of the village, and they were not allowed to fetch drinking water from the well.

Well that is then, now is now. Yesterday Top and Tip got their tenth class board exam results. Top was unhappy because he got 83%, not the highest in the class. Tip was happy because he got 38%, not the lowest in the class. Top always wanted to become a doctor and feel the pulse of other people, Tip always wanted to feel the heartbeat of Bania's daughter. The next two years Top worked extremely hard, so that he gets good marks in the medical entrance exam. The next two years, Tip worked extremely hard to understand his father's 'thekedari' business and worked even harder to impress the Bania's daughter. Two years later, both got what they wanted. The bania was the only one who was not impressed.

A digression. Around 56 years earlier, it was decided that the man with the largest mouth will nominate the ruler of Mandalnagri. Tip's father made full use of his mouth and made the evil Raja Vish, the king of Mandalnagri. The evil raja Vish made a decree that since the ancestors of the extremely poor people near Mandalnagri were not allowed to drink water from the village well 250 years ago, and Top's father's great grandfather's great grandfather 'supposedly' used to catch fish from that well, hence Top should not be allowed to become a doctor. Top didn't know that.

Two years later, Top secured 91% in the medical entrance exam. Tip wrote the same exam, mainly to impress the bania's daughter, and scored 19%. Because of the aforementioned decree, Tip was the one who was trained as a doctor in the doctor's training institute. Tip inherited his father's big bad mouth and the big bad 'thekedari' business. Now Tip is a thekedar and a parttime doctor who draws his salary from the town fund. Now the evil raja Vish's equally evil twin brother Arj is the ruler of Mandalnagri. The evil raja Vish suffers from cancer and is in a far away land of usofa to get himself treated by extremely good doctors. The town funds takes care of the expenses.

Meanwhile, the extremely poor villagers on the outskirts of Mandalnagri are still poor, and they pay for the town's fund. Top lives with them. He will soon know that Tip wants to demolish their houses to create a palace for the evil raja Vish's equally evil twin brother Arj.


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