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AIIMS was destroyed in the spring of 1968

Last week we saw the tussle between anbumani ramadoss, the son-of-a-politician health minister of India and Dr. P Venugopal, one of the best heart surgeons of India. Dr. Venugopal had conducted the first heart transplant in India in 1994, is famous for his research in stem cells, and currently the director of AIIMS. Ramadoss in turn is, well, just ramadoss. He was born to the wife of a politician inTamil Nadu whose party can win a few seats in the lok sabha. With this qualification in hand, he went on to this systematic campaign to destroy one of the best government hospitals in our country and was largely successful.

It was the spring of 1968, when the rot had first set in. It must have been a lovely spring of 1968, when the papa ramadoss (from where the politician part in the son-of-a-politician come in) decided to have some fun with his then wife. I don’t have anything against papa ramadoss enjoying a little private moment with his wife with her concent, and the endeavour bearing fruit nine months later. Had I been alive at that point of time, trust me that I would have done everything I could have done to facilitate papa ramadoss’s pursuit for happiness. But many a times seemingly innocuous deeds and harmless acts to satisfy oneself result in very dangerous monsters, which (who?) can threaten to destroy the very fabric of joy and pleasure in other people’s lives. anbumani ramadoss’s premature birth in october 1968 was a signal of the bad things to come. anbumani is the epitome of how reckless the politician's children can become.

anbumani (ambu) was born as a son-of-a-politician, and as typical sons-of-a-politicians he is not accustomed to hear no for an answer. As typical sons-of-a-politicians do, he had a troubled childhood coming to terms with the politician’s misdeeds, innocence dying fast and constant meanderings by the chamchas as the next king in making. These children grow up and see themselves as invincible don quixotes out there in the world to destroy imaginary windmill demons. And there lies the mother of all problems.

To verify this point, let’s look at the aiims imbroglio. The AIIMS director Dr. Venugopal, despite being a world famous doctor, had problems in administering the institute. A good proffessional is usually not a very good administrator, partly because of their keenness for perfection, their credulity and belief on the benevolence of everybody and partly because of the larger than life aura they carry with them. There were many senior doctors at AIIMS who were not happy with the handling of the institute by the director. Whatever might be the reason for their unhappiness, it was not beyond redemption. Beyond redemption is the way the son-of-a-politician handled it.

In India, we have this concept of rewarding the failures and punish honesty. So, to rehabilitate those who cannot win elections for parliament, and those sons-of-the-politicians who have no calliber to win elections, we have the rajya sabha. anbumani ramadoss was sent to the upper house by his father in 2004. Since, he claims to be a doctor, the poor Dr. Manmohan Singh had to make ramadoss health minister of this country. With his new found power, he stayed in aiims guest house for a week after his appointment. In that one week he had spent Rs. 20 lakhs of institute money, to renovate his room, to equip it with television, shower, bathtub, double bed, sofas, curtains, etcetra, all on institute’s fund. Rs. 20 lakhs in 6 days, that’s the lifestyle the son-of-a-politicians are used to enjoy. After he was allotted a official bungalow, he had his OSD to stay in that renovated room for the next 9 months. He then forced aiims to levy user charges on poor and hapless patients who come there for treatment from all over the country, to recover the amount thus spent on his luxuries. When Dr. Venugopal protested against this needless spending, he had angered the son-of-a-politician. The son-of-a-politician, soon got back at Dr. Venugopal by having his handpicked men dismissing the director.

While many commentators see it as a personal problems of anbumani because of a troubled childhood, I see it as a general malaise. That of the emerging trend of sons-of-the-politicians. Without exception, they are reckless, arrogant, with criminal links, and more often than not outrightly stupid. With Indira gandhi starting the brand of pesonality politics, the politicians family came around as revered figures. The sons and daughters almost always get educated from abroad on the ill gotten money by their parents, are habituated leading a luxurious life and have scant regard of probity in public life. Having lived their life on illegal money, they grow into people with petty moral standards, and often revere corruption. They carry the beam of dishonesty that their parents have spent a lifetime in. All politicians are bad, but their children are doubly so. They are the biggest threat to the people of this country.

Politicians are an unfortunate part of our life and we have to live with them. But can we do something to liquify the wrongs done (or to be done) by their children? My friend says that their children should be hanged soon after they become adults, and become eligible for capital punishment. Of course that will be a wrong thing to do. I will also not recommend castration of all politicians, as the frustration over unability to bear children often lead them to commit even more dastardly acts (narendra modi, uma bharti, mayawati, etcetra). All we have to do is to stop the repeat of the incidents like the spring of 1968. We need to ensure that while the politicians be able to attain full marital bloss, they don't ruin the entire country in the process. We can start by having them wear condoms mandatorily during procreation, with severe punishment for failure to comply with the guideline. If that is too extreme, I have another suggestion. Let us pack all sons and daughters of the ministers and send them to a remote island at public expense to save the people. Let them lead a highly luxurious life and enjoy the sand and sun for the rest of their lives. If we have such a fund, Iam ready to contribute my one months salary to it. After all, what is better than the greater common good?


At 7:52 am, Blogger Amit Aishwarya Jogi said...

much of ur diatribe against the gentleman-minister is centred on the 'son-of-a-politician' premise. that might not be wholly fair? but i did enjoy your bit about 1968: lamhon ne khatah ki, sadiyon ne saza payee; or if you prefer, umberto eco (the island of the day before): (paraphrased) we pay the price of our parent's momentary pleasure with our entire lifetimes. still, i am curious to know your view on contraception?

At 3:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article is written in a very bad taste. It's not at all serious about the issue.


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