Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Support Mallika Sherawat for The (next) President of India

APJ Abdul Kalam’s tenure as the president of India ends in july next year, and a search has already started to find India’s next head of state. The political temperature is already heating up, with names being propped up from left (Somenath Chatterjee), right (B.S. Shekhawat) and center (Karan Singh). And somebody actually had the audacity to suggest the name of universally reviled Arjun Singh as a possible candidate. Karan Singh holds the dubious distinction of always being in reckoning for the post of President of India since last two decades. Somenath won’t be acceptable to a majority of legislators (and many of our citizens) because of his politics. Vice president Bhairon Singh Shekhawat is also out of contention because of the same reason, because of his RSS past. This scenario and the enduing confusion gives me the liberty to propose one possible name for the post, that will be acceptable to all its citizens and who will best represent the face of changing India. I propose the name of Mallika Sherawat (henceforth referred to as Mallika ji), actress and model, as the next president of our country.
India has never had a woman president. It is time that we rectify this historical injustice. Women form more than 45% of all eligible voters. Women’s reservation bill is just round the corner, and we hope that it will be passed by the time the presidential election process is formally started. Mallika ji, although she does not epitomise the new Indian woman of 21st centuy, still is a great option to lead the country and best suited to don the role. She has done everything that she could do, and already made India proud at every global stage. She is also immensely popular among the men, and can be trusted to be fair to that gender as well. She has broken the class barrier, and is idolised by people from the super-rich to the ultra-poor. She is one of the few symbols of an united India.

Personality and achievements are two important criteria to judge any prospective candidate for India’s president. Mallika ji stands taller than most Indians in her charismatic personality. She is bold and beautiful, clever and charming, smart and morally upright, all roles rolled into one. She has demonstrated extremely high standard of honesty in her personal and professional life. She is one of the few individuals (Himesh Reshammiya being the other one), who takes criticism in her stride and have never shied away from people who are not in accordance to her personal choices. I have never heard any Indian politician be brave and sensible enough to say that, “It’s great to have critics blasting you all the time. It keeps you on your toes, spurs you, challenges you, makes you want to get better. I take everything positively. There’s so much to learn and do.” Mallika ji was honest enough to say that. She was offered to pose nude in the playboy magazine, and despite huge sum being promised, she turned down the offer “due to her morals and upbringing.” How many Indian politicians will resist the offer of appearing nude in playboy, considering the nakedness of their corruption scandals openly propping up in the media.

We made a departure of sorts by electing a non-political personality, a man of letters, a scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as the president of our country in 2002. Bollywood has given us immense joy in past many years, and Mallika ji has gone several steps further in spreading that joy. If bollywood were not aware of the moods and needs of Indian public, we would never have had such wonderful films like Khwaish, Murder, Bachke Rehna re Baba and Kis Kis ki Kismet. It can be easily asserted that nobody, not even the scientists, feel the pulse of India as closely as the bollywood. Mallika ji best represents the bollywood. She must be given a chance to lead, and to guide the politicians and decision makers, as we spear into the second decade of the new millenium.

India as a country should set an example for the rest of the world to follow. The people of the usofa have elected Bush, not once but twice. They made the mistake, the rest of the world paid the price. In our neighouring country, Bangladesh, a stooge of the ruling party is the president. Down south we have hardliner Rajapakse, and to the west it is the congenial general, who elected himself the president. Russia has Putin who has made his country a living hell for its people and immigrants, Israel had katsav who was charged with rape, Zimbabwe has Mugabe who evicted millions of its poor from the cities, Iran has Ahmedinejad who wants to repeat holocaust by denying it, and the little north Korea has cute little Kim Jong Il, about whom, the less said the better.

In such global conundrum, in such global misdirection, India should and must show the light. We should elect the best person available in our country, the most honest and sensible one, to prove others that how deeply we revere the institutions of our country. Electing Mallika ji as the next president of India will not only please the billions of toiling masses in the country, it will also raise the stature of our country among the brotherhood of the world’s nations. Let’s use this platform to support the symbol of peace, messenger of humanity, activist for freedom, Mallika Sherawat as the country’s foremost leader.


At 3:46 am, Blogger Abhishek Goyal said...

Bahot he mast likhein hai aap bhai jee ... mastee aa gaye diude!

At 5:14 am, Anonymous rama said...

Thanks for this great proposal in the national interest. Best, rama

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