Thursday, October 12, 2006

Watching Death

Tibetan Nun Shot by Chinese Forces
Body of a TIBETAN nun shot by Chinese Forces (Image courtesy:

The dark spot in that image is a dead woman. A dead tibetan woman to be precise. When she died, she was being shot at by two kinds of people. From one side, Chinese army personnel were killing her dead, from the other side a group of european and asian mountaneers witnessed it, and took photographs of her dying. As I mentioned earlier, a group of 70 tibetans trying to flee China crossing the himalayas were shot at indiscriminately by chinese forces. 43 of them managed to survive. The rest either killed or captured by the chinese forces. The whereabouts of those who were captured is not known. That is the price tibetans are paying for trying to escape persecution.

More information can be found in studentsforafreetibet blog. The save tibet site also gives detailed information about the incident. Why should events like these go unpunished, and fails to outrage the rest of the world?



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